• TOCOVID SupraBio

With the new-bio-optimum absorption system, the contents of the soft gelatine capsule forms emulsion instantly upon contact with the fluid in our stomach. Therefore its absorption no longer depends on food and fat intake. Not only does this increase the absorption of T3s by 200% to 300%, but a more consistent and complete absorption is achieved.

Tocotrienols (T3) in Tocovid SupraBio are important as they protect the body cells from damages by being a substitute target for free radicals. Free radicals are very reactive and tend to attack healthy cells. We are often exposed to free radicals from air pollution, cigarette smoke, UV radiation, fried and burnt food and from food contaminants like pesticides. If the effects of free radicals are not neutralized, it may pose potential danger in causing arterial damage, cataract, skin damage, Alzheimer's disease and premature aging. T3s are mostly extracted in their natural form from palm oil and rice oil. Among the two, palm tocotrienols have a higher content of delta-and gamma-tocotrienol, 2 of the most effective tocotrienols shown in studies to have potential health benefits.

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