Fresenius Kabi Supportan Drink meets the European Society for Enteral and External Nutrition (ESPEN*) food recommendations. Compared with other cancer nutrition products, Galican cancer-specific nutrition products are the only low-sugar, high-energy, high-protein formulas to supplement the nutrition of cancer patients.
- High fat/ Low carbohydrate (40% energy/31% energy)/Since cancer cells cannot use fat as source of energy, the formula provides energy to the patients, not the tumour
- Provide 40g protein daily Maintain immunity, help repair tissue, compensate for the loss of protein and counteract loss of muscle
- Provide 2g EPA daily Reduce side effects of therapy Can increase T cells which can improve cancer patients immunity Improve nutritional status of cancer patients Increase survival rate
- Contain sufficient anti-oxidant vitamin Wound healing and reduce chance of infections

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Fresenius Kabi Supportan Drink 200ml x 4 bottles

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