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Proven All-in-one Probiotics Plus Multivitamins & CoQ10 is contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, A to Zinc zinc, which helps to promote nutrient absorption, maintain body vitality and immunity. The formula has 11 types of nutritional combinations plus coenzyme Q10, which effectively support your heart health. Cultech, founded and supervised by Dr. Nigel Plummer, is a pharmaceutical-grade probiotic manufacturer approved by the "MHRA Security Authority" in the United Kingdom. ProVen probiotics are processed by a unique technology TriPhase & StabilityMax, which ensures the quantity and activity of probiotics, and does not need to be refrigerated after opening. Improve intestinal health ・Improve the balance of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, suppress the reproduction of bad bacteria, and enhance intestinal health and immunity ・Regulates intestinal discomfort, suitable for use in irregular bowel movements ・Promote the function of the digestive system (gastric or bloating problems) ・Helps reduce gastrointestinal sensitivity and allergies Heart health・Helps anti-aging and maintains heart health Strengthen the body, promote energy conversion, and improve the efficiency of using ingested nutrients ・Relieve fatigue and speed up metabolism Supports the immune system ・Regulate the function of the immune system, enhance immunity and fight infections ・Maintain bone health ・Strengthen the growth and development of bone tissue and increase calcium absorption rate Beauty skin care ・Keep the skin healthy and nourish ・Promoted hair and nail health ・Strong antioxidant to fight free radicals and slow down skin aging

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Proven SlimFit Probiotics

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