• Proven Probiotics for Children - Immune Plus

12.5 billion live probiotics to comprehensively improve disease resistance and anti-humidity sensitivity. The upgraded version of children's probiotics uses the world's patented Lab4® probiotics (synbiotics) formula, combined with vitamin C and prebiotics, for children's growing sensitivity.

It can improve immunity and prevent children from being invaded by germs when they go out or go to school; at the same time, it protects sensitive intestines to ensure gastrointestinal comfort; it can also improve the absorption of nutrients and make the effect more excellent. Clinical evidence, according to European Journal of Clinical Nutrition , which can reduce the absenteeism rate of schoolchildren.

It also cooperates with the native probiotic bacteria in children's intestines - bifidobacterium (bifidobacterium) to effectively relieve skin redness, itching and other symptoms of humidity sensitivity.

Flavor: Natural strawberry flavor

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Proven Probiotics for Children - Immune Plus

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