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FIGHTS INSOMNIA - Achieve super sleep with Refine Naturals’ sleep capsules. Our dietary supplement sleep aids for adults is formulated to help you sleep by inducing a sensation of calmness by reducing restlessness and nervousness. Take two capsules a day one hour before bedtime, and experience better sleep.


IMPROVES SLEEP QUALITY - This product includes a highly potent multi action formula that enables anxiety relief to provide you with better and longer sleep. Passion flower and hops are two ingredients that modulate chemical receptor activity in order to enhance sleep quality.


REDUCES ANXIETY - Our sleep supplement also contains lemon balm which naturally helps reduce anxiety in the body. This formula is melatonin free and non habit forming and is suitable for individuals with high sensitivity or for those who do not prefer to take hormonal supplements which is ideal for daily use.


SCIENTIFICALLY AND PHARMACEUTICALLY REFINED - At Refine Naturals we are proud to stand by our high quality standards that fully comply with Health Canada. Our medicinal ingredients are backed by strong scientific and pharmaceutical evidence.


GMP CERTIFIED - Refine Naturals’ supplements are made in a GMP certified facility where they undergo strict third party quality checks. Made with the highest quality ingredients, our products are gluten-free, nut-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free, non-GMO, and vegetarian.

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Refine Naturals - Refine Natural 03 SLEEP

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