• Oxithion 30 Sublingual Tablets 100mg

How does Oxithion® give rise to Skin lightening?

- Our skin tone is determined by concentration of 2 types of melanin pigments in our skin:

- Eumelanin

– Brown-Black Pigment

- Pheomelanin

– Yellow-Red Pigment

- Enzymes are known as tyrosinase in our skin converts melanin precursors to eumelanin. Oxithion® inhibits tyrosinase activity this directly reducing the production of eumelanin in our skins.

- More melanin precursors are channeled into the production of eumelanin to pheomelanin resulting in the lightening of skin tone.

Key Benefits of L-Glutathione

- Clinically proven to lighten skin tone

- May help to lighten UV spots and even out skin tone

- Acts as an antioxidant protecting the skin from oxidative stress associated with skin aging

Why is Oxithion® the best source of L-glutathione?

- Specially formulated for sublingual delivery of L-glutathione

- The sublingual administration bypasses the following organs that reduce the adsorption of glutathione:

- Small intestines (Glutathione may break down by enzymes found in the gut wall)

- Liver (Glutathione may break down before reaching the blood circulation)

- Sublingual Oxithion® tablets and granules are able to quickly and effectively increase blood levels of glutathione whereas oral glutathione tablets did not provide significant increase in glutathione levels

What other important roles does Glutathione play in our body other than skin lightening?

- Important endogenous antioxidant found in every cell

- Protects our cells from free radical damage

- Recycles other antioxidants e.g. Vitamin C and Coenzyme Q10 - Important for liver detoxification of toxic substances

- Regulates normal cell growth and cell death

How to take Oxithion?

- Oxithion 250: 1 stick daily Oxithion 100: 1-2 tablets daily

- The recommended dosage for skin lightening is as per the dosage stated above for a period of 8 weeks. (Results may vary individually)

- Take before meals. Place Oxithion granules/tablets under the tongue for optimal absorption.

- Oxithion is sugar-free and free from ingredients of animal origin. It is suitable for diabetics and vegetarians.

Warnings and Precautions

- Oxithion is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women

- Oxithion should not be taken by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy

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Oxithion 30 Sublingual Tablets 100mg

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