• Hepatitis A & B Vaccine Profile

Hepatitis A & B Vaccine Profile

Hepatitis A antibody test  can be used to look for both recent and past exposure to Hepatitis A.  It can also be used to verify immunity to Hep A.

It is preferably to have blood tests for hepatitis B status before vaccination. Vaccination is not required for people who already have natural immunity to hepatitis B or administered Hepatitiis B vaccination before.

A Blood Test of HBsAg, HBsAb & HAV Ab

Presence of HBsAb = the body has been exposed to HBV. It usually appears about one month after the virus has disappeared. This means someone is no longer contagious when HBsAB is present. Also, it protects the body from getting HBV in the future.

Presence of HBsAg = early sign of an active infection with HBV, people are contagious in this stage.

Presence of HAV Ab = indicates recent exposure to the virus and the possibility of an acute infection. 

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Hepatitis A & B Vaccine Profile

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