• Gynaecological & Breast Cancers Screening

The essence of screening is to detect the major female concerning disease among the healthy populations without symptoms of the disease with the primary purpose of reducing the morbidity and mortality with the disease.

Pap smear (Age 21 or above) - can help to detect :
 - Cervical Cancer
- Uterine / Endometrial Cancers

Pelvic Examination - can help to detect :
- Cervical Cancer
- Ovarian Cancer

Purchase Remarks: Doctors to conduct health consultation, physical examination and result report interpretation.

Doctor Consultation
 - Detailed Medical History
 - Explanation of a report by Doctor.
 * if < 40 years old, may recommend for Ultrasound Breast after Doctor Consultation
Imaging Examination
 - Ultrasound Pelvis
 - Mammogram (2D) - Both Side
Lab Test :
 - Cancer Marker : CA 125 (Ovary)
 - Cancer Marker: CA 15.3 (Breast)
 - Pap Smear

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Gynaecological & Breast Cancers Screening

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