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"Magnesium is present in every cell of our body and is a nutrient that is often overlooked but very important to the body. If the body is deficient in magnesium for a long time, it will affect the normal functioning of various cells, which may lead to headaches, migraines, Stress and anxiety, nighttime leg cramps, poor sleep quality, joint discomfort and stiffness. Supplementing enough magnesium can help the body regulate metabolism, calm nerves, relieve tension and relax muscles. Because magnesium is a more difficult component to absorb, and it is difficult to absorb in food The amount in the content is also very small. Adding BetterYou Natural Magnesium Bath Tablets directly into the bathtub or soaking feet can help relieve tired and sore muscles and achieve a sense of relaxation. Use after exercise to accelerate muscle recovery.

British Research - Revolutionary Skin Penetration Technology: BetterYou's Skin Penetration Technology provides fast and effective absorption. Apply magnesium directly on the skin for rapid absorption, bypassing the digestive system and stomach, and delivering magnesium directly to blood vessels and muscles.

・Clinically proven that 98% of the participants can effectively improve sleep quality and fall asleep naturally
・Relieve muscle tension and pain
・Reduce cramps and fatigue problems
・Helps relax nerves and promote deep sleep
・Avoid the side effects of traditional oral supplements
・No animal testing

・Any age
・For pregnant women during pregnancy and breastfeeding

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Better You magnesium Flakes

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